5 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

Wives sometimes wonder if their husbands are cheating on them. Usually the answer is no, but, unfortunately, there are other times when the answer is yes. If you are looking for signs your husband is cheating, then the five signs discussed here may help you determine if he is.

1 – Spending Time Away From Home

If a husband is being unfaithful then he is doing so away from his wife and home. Ask yourself if your husband has been spending more time away from home than usual. If so, he may be cheating. Ask him where he is going, and then ponder his answer. Does it make sense? He might truly have a legitimate reason for being away from home. However, if he says he wants to spend time with his buddies, this may be one of several signs your husband is cheating.

2 – Making Unexplained Purchases

Cheating husbands like to buy gifts for their women. Take a look at receipts. If you do not have access to receipts then look at credit card purchases. Any credit card will keep a history of purchases on their websites, assuming you have access to the accounts. Or, check to see if your husband is making a lot of cash withdrawals from your checking or savings account. He may be making purchases with cash in an effort to hide his actions.

3 – Browsing History On His Computer or Phone

If your husband spends a lot of time on the Internet, then he may be involved with cyber cheating. This can be one of the easier signs to confirm because most computers store a history of websites visited. If you’re really up for some PI work, there is software that will allow you to see what websites your husband goes to, what he does on the sites, even read any chatting that he may participate in if he frequents chat rooms.

4 – Avoids Intimacy With You

Often a cheating husband will stop being intimate with his wife. He may stop cuddling with you, or he may take to sleeping on the couch in an effort to avoid being in bed with you. On the flip side of this topic, he may actually start to become more interested in sex, but he may start to ask you to do things he has never before suggested.

5 – He Suddenly Improves His Appearance

Has your husband taken a sudden interest in how he looks? This may be because he is trying to impress another woman. Take note if you notice that he is buying a lot of new clothes, working out more at the gym, wearing cologne when he never or rarely did before, or continually checks out how he looks in the mirror.

While any, or even all, of the above signs may be signs your husband is cheating on you, it does not guarantee that he is.

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