After All this Time- How To Win My Husband Back

If you have heard that Simon Webbe song ‘After all this time’, you know what I am talking about. Women around the world love their husbands and their family. They try hard to ‘fix’ their relationships but may fail miserably at everything they do while wondering how can I win my husband back?

They are going away and wives can’t understand the reason why.

They try to act normal and sound okay but there is always something that pinches their heart. This pain and suffering goes away when you see him smiling but inside your heart, you know there is something wrong. You are insecure. You think he is dating other women. You think he simply wants to stay away from you and you cook up a story in your mind thinking about all things that have gone wrong. He is filing for divorce and you still love him.

Of course you have tried counseling to save your marriage. You have tried a bed of roses, candle lit dinners and weekends alone in a secluded place. But has it worked? Relationships are made fruitful by two people and while one is trying to go away and the other is trying as hard as their might to get them back, friction and arguments end a relationship that could have been. No ladies, no amount of roses and Champagne will work once he has lost interest.

If you have to save your marriage, don’t do what most women’s magazines ask you to do.

You have the power to become the queen of his life and literally rule him.

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 Maybe you have stopped trying or have failed to understand that he needs to be pampered while you are busy taking care of the kids and chatting with your friends. He wants the intimacy back to the relationship, he wants something back. He wants you.

Do you ever notice the difference between your relationship now and the time you first started dating. Has your relationship grown or outgrown? It is high time that you think about what has gone wrong. Times have changed but you have the power to make his love remain unchanged throughout your life. If you go the right way and pledge ‘I will take a stand to save my marriage’, there is nothing that can stop you from being in a fruitful relationship and get to be the reigning queen of the family you love so much.

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