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How Moms Can Make Money and Be At Home

What if??  What if you could earn money, be at home, and do something you love? Moms continually search for balance.  Parenting without regret and being able to contribute income to the family is a heartfelt goal for so many.  Beyond that, so many women struggle to be true to their personal passions and talents […]

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How to Work Online and Be Happy

Right away, something has to be cleared up:  Do you want to make a life or a living? Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be much choice in the matter.  The bills have to be paid and you do whatever it takes.  If you are in between jobs or searching for something new, take this rare […]

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You Can Build Your Fashion Business from Home

Here’s some GREAT NEWS:  If you have true passion and talent for art, design, trends, and fashion, then you might just have the most important piece of the at home business puzzle in place!   The artistic part of fashion is something you feel, and while the online business side also takes talent, most of the […]

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Plus Size Issues

Being a plus size woman is not as difficult as it use to be. There are so many more stylish clothes available. It use to be all you could find was dresses that looked like circus tents and ugly polyester pull on pants with brightly printed knit tops well those days are gone. There are […]

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Fashion Tips for Women

Winter is gone and Spring/Summer is here at last. We are all ready to put away the heavy bulky layered clothes of winter for the light, airy and bright colors for spring. In this article I would like to highlight for you some of the most exciting trends for Spring. Skinny pants are still the […]

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