How Moms Can Make Money and Be At Home

happy momWhat if??  What if you could earn money, be at home, and do something you love?

Moms continually search for balance.  Parenting without regret and being able to contribute income to the family is a heartfelt goal for so many.  Beyond that, so many women struggle to be true to their personal passions and talents while they are young mothers.

Finding perfect balance for three full time needs is just not possible, but all moms who are honest with themselves learn quickly to let the word perfection fade from their “to do” list.

This article is for the moms who want to make the best life they can for themselves and those they love…

Smart Moms

Moms are certainly in a better position than marketers to understand the needs of other moms.  You have the ability to see firsthand the real daily needs of both children and parents because you live it.  Your life is not the greeting card that commercials try to portray.

There are so many ways to work the “Mom Niche.”  Think about starting a clothing line  for children that is super cute, trendy and has a special easy care or economical feature that other moms would love!  What kinds of information do moms need?  Start a fresh and compelling blog with a special twist.  Think of ways to improve products that are already on the market.  Start gathering your great ideas and they will quickly begin to multiply.

 Work for Yourself

Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean that’s all you know.  What is your passion?  Are you crafty?  Can you write?  Can you design? Do you love to organize?  Do you cook?  Do you give good advice?  Take your general talent and think of a way to specialize.  Make unique gift baskets, business cards, jewelry, etc.

There are an infinite (it seems) number of T-Shirt designers out there, but you can come up with a laser focused niche that can take off.  If you are wondering how to get started with a simple start up online business idea like T-Shirts, look in   This eBook.pdf  walks you through an incredible amount of valuable information about the ins and outs of the web and product development.

Do your homework and learn the process of creating, manufacturing, promoting and selling a new product.  You will be surprised how easy it can be and how often it is done!

Provide an Online Service

Another way to go when you want to work from home is working for others.  With training, you can become qualified to provide very high level services such as tax preparation, event planning, life coaching, medical billing, administrative assisting, or public relations specialist… These are more than jobs.  They are up and coming online careers, and the list can go on forever!

Time vs. Money

While children are young, many moms temporarily choose to take the time to shape and guide their child over the money they could make.  Some mothers are the sole earners for their households and making money has to come first.  Whatever your personal situation as a parent is, take some time to explore the many interesting choices for a fulfilling and well-compensated career at home.  You can definitely do it!

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