How to Work Online and Be Happy

Right away, something has to be cleared up:  Do you want to make a life or a living?

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be much choice in the matter.  The bills have to be paid and you do whatever it takes.  If you are in between jobs or searching for something new, take this rare opportunity to figure out what you need besides money.  There is more, you know.  As a woman, you want to be able to look back when you are older and know that you took care of yourself just as much as you cared for others.

The reason I am going there with you is that the internet can be whatever you make it.  It can give you a voice that reaches the world.  It is a tool for everyone, and you do not have to mold yourself to fit it.  It is actually the other way around!

So, what would make you happy? 

In your last job, what did you like to do on your time off, assuming you had any?  Go for hikes?  Buy shoes?  Plant gorgeous vegetable gardens? Play computer games?  Design and make stuff?  Listen to music?  Travel on weekends?  Sleep in?  Whatever is your greatest pleasure, create your life and business around that!  If you can create a job around your passion, you will be a happy person.

It doesn’t have to be on a big scale.  Something as simple as learning  how to start a tshirt business that is related to your quirky interests can keep you in a happy frame of mind and pay your bills. It is also something you have the freedom to grow if and when you want it to.

Work With Your Strengths

Throughout your life you have been gathering experiences and knowledge that will serve you now.  You may discover you have an inner graphic artist, are talented in the art of persuasion, or that you have a mind for business or fashion.  Who knew!  Whatever valuable skills you have going for you, use them, build on them, and always be willing to learn more.

Learn Something New

We all need help with one piece or more, but what is important to know is that nothing should stand in your way of having a happy life.  If you are concerned about navigating an online business or knowing the ins and outs of product promotion, branding, or even how to start a tshirt business, there is a widely read resource at  This eBook.pdf  even has a table of contents that will put you at ease!

Your Next Step

You may not have landed on this page expecting to find a discussion about the importance of happiness.  Having made it to the last line of this article tells me you are looking for more than just another online job.  Put your one and only life first and the paycheck will follow.

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