My Husband Cheated On Me: Moving Forward Despite A Painful Truth

So many unhappily married women will say, “My husband cheated on me, and I have never been able to fully get over it.” If your husband cheated on you, and you want to move forward with the marriage, then you need to find a way to move past the hurt and anger. If you don’t, you will spend a lifetime being unhappy in your marriage, which is not what marriage is supposed to be about.

Your marriage should be the one place where you feel supported and loved. Your husband should be the one person who you can trust. That is what true intimacy is about, and it is the only way to experience true happiness in your marriage.

Another important truth to take into consideration is that your happiness in your marriage directly influences your happiness outside of your marriage, so you need to make sure that you move forward in a way that creates a stronger marriage. You do not want to waste your life being unhappy and unsatisfied.

How To Create A Stronger Relationship: What You Need To Do

You need to move past your emotions that make you want to scream and cry, and start demanding more for yourself as a woman. This is the time to get honest with your husband about your needs in the relationship. He has to know what you need from him in order to step up to the plate and be the husband that you deserve. This means no games, just pure honesty.

This can be hard to do. Being honest with your husband makes you vulnerable to rejection and pain. However, the only way to get to pure happiness is to make yourself vulnerable in this way so that your husband knows exactly what you require to be happy.

After you let your husband know what you need from him in order to move forward and be happy, you have to make changes in yourself. Whether you want to admit it or not, him cheating had something to do with you.

  • Maybe you ignored the signs.
  • Maybe you didn’t want to give him what he needs in the relationship.
  • Maybe you were too hurt or beaten down to step up and require more from your husband (and yourself).
  • Maybe you had put your relationship low on your priority list.

These are all things you need to work on if you want to move forward in your marriage. If you don’t, then I can guarantee you that will end up in this exact same spot again. It is a simple truth that when no change occurs, history repeats itself.

How To Create A Stronger Relationship: What He Needs To Do

You cannot change him. You can only tell him what you require of him and start working on yourself. He needs to step up to the plate and make the changes necessary in order to move towards a strong and happy marriage.

The good news is that once you become a new wife, who will not take any crap in the marriage and is willing to start being the woman he needs, then he will likely start to make changes.

If he doesn’t, then he may feel as though you are not serious. He may feel as though he can continue with his behavior and still stay in a marriage with you.

If that’s the case, then you need to show him that you are no longer willing to be in a marriage that makes you unhappy. For instance, you can choose to separate until he starts to acknowledge that he needs to make changes, and starts making those changes.

In the end, you don’t want to be an 80 year old woman who says, “My husband cheated on me, and I was never able to get over it” because that will be a waste of your life. Take action now to fix your marriage and make it strong and happy, so you can look back and be satisfied with how you lived your life.

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