Nutritional Requirements for Women

In today’s world is more important than ever for women to have good nutrition. Life is far more complex then it was for our mothers and grandmothers. Women today are a real balancing act between career and family and of course their own personal life.

Women’s bodies are very different from mens and therefore have very different requirements for good nutrition then men. In this article I would like to highlight some of the nutritional requirements that are important to women.

Women have a much larger need for calcium then men do. Women are prone to Osteoporosis later in life. Diseases of the skeletal system tend to effect women much more then men. These can be prevented by eating food that is high in calcium and taking daily calcium supplements.

It is essential that women have enough iron. Many women find themselves anemic due to a low iron levels in their body. In younger women this is a result menstruation where a woman loses blood each month and may cause her to be anemic.

As women get older and go through menopause their need for iron may drop. I suggest women eat foods high in iron and if needed take an iron supplement.

Women should have a much larger intake of ligan compounds on a daily basis. Because women are prone to breast cancer it is essential for women to have enough ligans in their daily diet. A woman can get the correct amount of ligans from flaxseeds. It has been proven by researchers studying cancerous tissues that ligans definitely slow down the growth rate of cancerous tissues.

If you are an active women it is imperative for you to get the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients from your daily diet. If you fall short of what you need from your diet you must take vitamins and supplements that give you what you need.

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