Parenting Tips for Women

mother-and-her-childrenAll of us want to be a good parents. Everyday women do their best to achieve what they perceive to be the perfect mother. But being a great mother is not something that can be achieved by waving a magic wand over your head and suddenly you are a great mother.

It takes years of learning and practice. There will be many mistakes along the way, but don’t let that discourage you. In this article I would like to give you some tips that can hopefully make the job a little easier and not seem to be so daunting.

All children make mistakes and that is okay. Don’t feel a need to rescue them every time something seems to go wrong. You must allow them to make their own decisions. Of course these decisions must be age and maturity appropriate. As a parent you must give the responsibility of decision making and control over their lives to your children.

One of the biggest mistakes a mother can make is when she has the need to rescue her child whenever they make a mistake. Children learn from their mistakes. The only way they learn responsibility is by owning their mistakes and learning how to rectify them. Teaching your child to say I’m sorry could be one of the most important things you ever teach them.

Making mistakes is also okay for you to make. As a parent we all make mistakes and letting your child see how you handle these mistakes is very important.

How you handle mistakes will be a lesson for what your children will do in the future. Remember no one is perfect and don’t let your children think you are. If they think you never make mistakes they will never be honest with you about any mistakes they have made. This can cause them to run from responsibility.

Take responsibility for your actions, show them you are not a victim and most important show your child it is okay to ask for help. What your child learns usually comes not from what you teach them but how you live your own life.

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