Relationship Advice For Women: 6 Things Every Unhappily Married Woman Needs To Understand

Every woman has the right to be happy in her marriage. Moreover, every woman can make decisions and take action to ensure that she is happy no matter what her marriage is like right now. Following is some relationship advice for women that every unhappily married woman needs to understand.

1. You Cannot Control Your Husband

A lot of women are unhappy because of the way their husband acts and reacts in their marriage. And, many women do everything in their power to try to change their husband to become more like someone they think he should be.

If this sounds like you, then you have to know that this mentality will always make you feel bad in your marriage. No one has the power to change another person into someone they are not. And, when no change happens, you will be even more upset and say things like “He doesn’t love me enough to change!” This just makes you feel worse about the situation and adds a new level of unhappiness.

2. Men And Women Are Different

Even though we all have underlying similarities, it is the differences that we take notice of the most. For instance, if your husband doesn’t express any emotion during an argument, then you may think that he does not care. In reality, he may care very much but not be able to express his feelings the way you want him to.

Denying your differences, and expecting your husband to be like you, will always bring you unhappiness in your marriage. However, you can fix this by learning the well-documented differences between men and women, and how we deal with conflict, emotions, and other issues in different ways.

3. Abuse Does Not Belong In A Marriage

Just because you cannot change the way your husband acts or reacts to you, doesn’t mean you have to accept abuse. To be clear, abuse is not only defined as physical abuse; you may be experiencing mental or emotional abuse as well.

How can you tell? Well, the things he says or does will make you feel worse about yourself. For instance, he may put you down, call you names, give you the silent treatment, or make fun of you. All of these things affect the way you feel about yourself, and they all fall into the category of abuse. No one, especially your husband, should make you feel bad about yourself and affect your self-worth in a permanent and negative way.

4. You Have To Be Honest In Your Marriage

A lot of women will not tell their husbands what they need or want in order to be happy, but expect them to know what they need and want, and when they don’t, anger and frustration follow.

If you need something in order to be happy, don’t be scared to tell your husband. It allows you to get it out and work towards a solution. If you keep it in, you will start to feel resentment towards him even though he has no idea what you want. That’s not fair to him or to you, so make sure that you always have the courage and respect to tell him the truth.

5. Men Are Perfectly Capable Of Being Independent

Many men get away with being a kid for much longer than they should. They replace their mother with their wife and continue on with the luxury of not having to do anything for themselves. The best relationship advice for women in this situation would be to act like his wife, not his mother.

Picking up after him and taking care of his every need sends him the message that you are there to look after his every desire. Eventually, he learns to depend on that. If you are guilty of this, then you cannot get mad at him when he asks you to make dinner or get him a beer or clean his clothes, because you have taught him how you want to be treated.

6. His Addictions Cannot Be Broken By You

Many women want to help their men overcome bad habits and addictions, and suffer a lot of grief because of it. While it is important to stand by your husband and support him through tough times, you have to realize that you are never going to be able to stop his unhealthy addictions. He is the only one who has the power to change his mindset and deal with issues like that. Therefore, if there comes a point that his addictions are affecting your happiness, they will continue to affect you until he decides to stop or your leave.

In the end, you can go to almost any relationship forum and find many issues that could be fixed simply by understanding the above six truths. Therefore, it is essential to understand the above relationship advice for women. It is even more important to make decisions and take action based around that understanding in order to really experience happiness in your marriage.

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