Troubled Marriage – What’s Wrong With Men?

“Men don’t understand what it’s like being in a relationship.”

“Men don’t know how to communicate.”

“Men don’t care about a woman’s feeling.”

“Men only want sexual satisfaction and they leave when it’s time for love and family.”

Have you been reading women’s magazines or talking to your friends about your troubled marriage and heard it thousands of times? They all tell you men are beasts; uncultured people who would prefer a hot dumb blonde over the plain Jane homemaker. If you are also trying to keep your marriage alive and let your man love you like he used to, it’s time that you understand what all men seek and learn the secret to happy marriages.

Most of you reading this are both devastated and disappointed that your husband might leave you. Some of you think that they are secretly meeting someone else and not giving you the time you need. Then come in to play all those silly magazines that tell you trash about your husband and ‘what he means when he says’ columns.

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Maybe you don’t know how to rule his heart. When you first started dating, you were curious to know about each other and be a part of each other’s lives. However, as time passed by you got busy with the children and he was mostly working late hours in the office. Is that all? Is this how romance ends in marital relationships?

Some of your friends might have asked you to relive those old moments of romance. Prepare a romantic setting in your bedroom with dim lights and roses. But do you realize that when he has lost his interest and when he comes home tired of working the whole day, he would prefer sleep to talk. This will dishearten your further.

Even the relationships of marriage counselors fail because they forget one important thing about marriage. You still need each other’s time and your man is probably feeling neglected. Men remain children forever and demand a great deal of pampering. They need to be told that they are loved and cared for.

However there is much more to the psyche of a man. He has come home facing all the challenges of the outside world and proving his mettle while trying to secure the future of you two together. If you also think that he has lost his romantic feeling, maybe you should first try to be his ‘goddess of love’ that you used to be a long time ago.

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