Wives Top 10 Complaints About Their Husbands

1. Leaving the Seat Up.

Though many might find the image of a woman stuck in a toilet. Women hate when men don’t put the seat down. There is nothing more embarrassing or aggravating then falling in! Women care a lot about you caring a lot. In other words, husbands need to be more considerate when it comes to the state of the bathroom.

2. Ignoring Us.

Women crave attention, especially married women. One of the top complaints about a husband is that he ignores his wife! Show your wife some attention, don’t just bark orders at her and then sit down to watch the game.

3. Forgetting Dates.

Birthdays and small anniversaries are one thing, but imagine forgetting your wedding anniversary. The thought it what counts, and to forget shows that you don’t hold dates to be important. That gives women the idea that you don’t hold her important.

4. No Romance.

It’s true that the passion and romance can fade once you “settle down” with your wife. Just because you have the same last name now, that doesn’t mean you are brother and sister! There should be some romance, a nice dinner or card, or flowers for no reason helps keep that spark (and the marriage) alive.

5. Taking Us For Granted.

Similar to #4, taking a woman for granted is a bad idea. You should appreciate the things that your wife does for you. It isn’t her job to take care of you , she is not your mother, and it isn’t her job to clean for you as she isn’t your maid either.

6. Expecting Us to Be Your Maid.

By this, of course , men throw clothes around, make a ton of mess, and then expect the woman to clean it up. Sometimes it just works out that a woman keeps the household and so the man notices that he can get away with not putting his toys away. Expecting your wife to be your maid is a good way to find yourself single again!

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7. Expecting Us to Be Your Mother.

This could mean cleaning up after you, or something much creepier. In this context, I mean you expect unconditional love. Although the vows say till death do us part, you will find that most marriages are very conditional. The divorce rate in the U.S. is 50%, don’t forget that just because you have a ring on your finger.

8. Lack Of Passion.

Women need intimacy and passion too. Although women nowadays seem very anti-sex, a woman who has agreed to marry you is in a different league entirely . Women like to be intimate with the ones that they love, so go up and grab her like you used to.

9. Staring At Other Women.

This is something that applies to married men and men who have girlfriends.  Just because you are out and a beautiful woman crosses your path, don’t forget that your wife is watching you when you are mentally undressing other women and it is very insulting.

10. Laziness.

There is always a honeymoon period, when a couple first marries they are willing to do everything for each other. As a man, you want to make sure to do your fair share , and make sure to do the manly stuff (fixing things, mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage , etc). Always pull your fair share in the relationship.

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